SSIS 64-bit setting

These days, while working on SSIS 2005 (SQL Server Integration Services), I came across a porting issue. My SSIS packages ran fine on my 32-bit dev-box. But as soon as I ported them to 64-bit deployment machine, I started getting errors on connection managers, my connection managers could not connect to the respective data sources. The…


Beautiful photos of Seattle and Washington state

Here are beautiful photos of Seattle and around taken by Arun Prakash Ganesan….I love the vibrant colors and the composition that Arun has captured. Do have a look at the other photos in his photo album !


Hosting WCF Service in IIS

     All right!! So I have created a WCF service and I want to consume it…what do I do? Where do I host the service? The first choice that comes to one’s mind (and which most of the examples talk about) is creating a console application and hosting the WCF service within this application….


Creating a dynamic Send Port

The send ports in BizTalk allow the user to specify how the outgoing message will be delivered. One can configure the transport (e.g. FTP or HTTP) the destination address (may be a file folder) and the other parameters that are specific to the selected transport (e.g. in case of FTP transport, the user name and…


A few points about Receive ports in BizTalk Server

The two entities in BizTalk that people often find confusing are the Receive Ports and the Receive Locations for the incoming messages. Here are a few points to clarify the existence of a Receive Port. A Receive Port is a LOGICAL container for the receive locations. Receive Locations that the ones where one specifies the…


AddressAccessDeniedException – Cause and Solution

While working with WCF service on Windows Vista, I came across the following error, which I am sure everybody who have created the services on previous versions (Windows XP and likes) and trying to migrate their services to Windows Vista would have encountered. HTTP could not register URL http://+:8000/. Your process does not have access…


Windows Vista Gadgets

If you want to learn more about developing Windows Vista Gadgets, visit


2 Weeks into MS now

Its been 2 weeks in MS now….and things have started moving J Would come back to this space very often to put my thoughts, learning and share my experiences as I cruise along…keep watching the space !