Azure Function Apps: Performance Considerations

While working with Azure Function Apps we often come across performance issues where we see the rate of message processing or the rate at which API calls are being served is not even near to the expected one. Before we start digging into these issues I would like to mention that no service/product is perfect….


Azure Function Apps: Organizing the Azure Function Apps under same Consumption Plan

When we create an Azure Function App from Azure Portal on a Consumption plan we don’t have the control over which Consumption plan to use. In other words, if we want to put all of the azure functions under the same Consumption plan it doesn’t seem to be possible. However, it is possible but only…


Azure Function Apps: Trigger in Azure SQL /SQL Server to execute Azure Function

Ever thought of SQL (on VM or On-Premise server) Input Trigger for the Function app? There is no predefined input trigger for SQL in Azure functions. Which means there is no way to trigger an Azure function on any change in the SQL data. Triggers mainly at present are Blob, Queue, Table, Eventhub, Http, Timer…


Azure Web Jobs: Custom Schedule for Azure Web Job Timer Triggers

CRON Expression is a nice way to define the schedule for the Timer Tigger in Azure Web jobs/Function apps. Though, sometimes it can be a little tricky. Understanding and defining the CRON expression can be very tricky for some schedules and actual interpretation may not be the same what you had configured in the CRON…