Tools and Resources for Windows Mobile ISVs

Just noticed a message from my Product Management team around the launch of “Innovate On Windows Mobile Site”. It Provides provides targeted tools, support, and training to help ISVs develop and market their mobile applications more quickly and efficiently. By enrolling, ISVs gain access to exclusive benefits, such as free test vouchers and technical support,…

Yes we are done ! VS 2008 is now available.

Very excited to share that Visual Studio 2008 in now available at the MSDN download site. And this is me at the box signing event 🙂 Amit Chopra 

Windows Mobile Developer Experience Connect Site

We’d like to give our developer community more opportunities in shaping the future of the Windows Mobile developer experience. Therefore, a Microsoft Connect website has been created to allow developers to: 1. Formally submit feature requests online 2. Vote on existing feature requests, thereby giving the developer community a say in deciding the importance of…


Dress Up your phone this Halloween !

Enjoy the music, ring tones and wall papers at


An opportunity to Save a 100$

 Mobile Connections is a great opportunity for developers and IT Professionals to connect with Microsoft and experts in the Mobile industry. Attendees can expect to learn about the tools and techniques to building rich and effective applications on Windows Mobile. Attendees this year will be able to attend an exclusive invite-only feedback session where they…


Why do I get this exception when running a Unit Test for Devices on Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 ?

A customer got this to my attention today. The test adapter (‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.TestTools.TestTypes.Unit.UnitTestAdapter, Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.Tips.UnitTest.Adapter, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a’) required to execute this test could not be loaded. Check that the test adapter is installed properly. Exception of type ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.SmartDevice.TestHostAdapter.DeviceAgent.NetCFNotInstalledException’ was thrown. The most common reason for this is if you are running a test on the emulator…


Heading down to the Handango Partner Summit next week

I’ll be in San Diego on Tuesday and Wednesday next week at the Handango Partner Summit. If any of my blog readers are going to be around, drop me a note and I would look forward to meeting with you and talk about device application development experiences and scenarios. Amit Chopra

Mark your calendars – Mobile Connections.

When ? November 5-8, 2007 Where ? Mandalay Bay Resort,Las Vegas, NV What is it about ? Enterprise mobility is the wave of the future and this future is now! Connections brings you all the latest in mobility development technologies ready for prime time today. Train with Microsoft architects and top notch industry speakers and…


The operation could not be completed. The device is not connected. – Another reason for this.

Traditionally this error has been a result of the corrupted local device datastore that stores information about all your devices and emulators. However during a recent incident where I was trying to help someone in the office with this issue, I uncovered another strange reason for this issue to show up. In the case of…


Unable to see the Windows Mobile 6.0 Templates in VS 2008 Beta 2?

If you have been using Visual Studio 2005 with Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK, you will notice that after you install VS 2008 Beta 2, you don’t see the templates for this SDK in the New Project Dialog for Smart Devices. You attempt to repair the SDKs, but still no luck. So here is what is…