Have you run into corrupted or missing .CAB files with the Tech Preview drop ?

I saw a few posts complaing about missing or corrupted CABs. Here is some information that would help you diagnose what the issues is.

For the corrupted cab’s I would suggest you should locate the file on the CD/DVD and then open the CAB file with explorer (double click on the cab) and select all the files and then Copy to Folder (under edit) to a tempory directory on the local machine. If it fails then the CD/DVD/install source likely is bad.

For Missing cab’s errors manually verify that the file is actually missing from the source location. If the file is actually there, try the above method to verify it’s not corrupted.

Then copy all the files from CD to the Local machine (there are instructions located on disk1 readme.htm) and then try setup again. 

If setup it fails with a missing or corrupted cab message I would find the VS Setup log files in the %temp% directory and you may mail me a copy of them to have diagnosed by our setup team (achopra@Microsoft.com). We may not be able to give you an immediate fix but we could at least address some of these issue with the future drops.

Some reports we’ve been seeing regarding corrupted\missing cabs have been mostly due to either a bad CD, or download, or the customer using Virtual CD feature in Virtual PC to install VS (there been reports of issues with Virtual CD and VS ISO’s.)

Amit Chopra

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