Amit is now wearing a (slightly) different hat…

If you were wondering that the Beta release of the Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools was announced yesterday and Amit’s blog has been quiet, it’s because I recently moved to another team. I am now working with the Test and Lab Management Products, which enable QA Teams to efficiently work on test planning and execution,…


Uninstall Issues with the MIX CTP Drop

I was looking at few posts that surfaced by last week on windows phone developer forums around issues relating to the un-install of the CTP we shipped at MIX. Based on some the information I gathered and the root cause analysis of these, here are some workarounds for the most common issues we saw. 1….


Update to the MIX Release of The Windows Phone Developer Tools is now available !

Good Morning Windows Phone Developers ! Just wrapped up flipping the download bits to make a refreshed version of the Windows Phone Developer Tools available to our developers. This version is now compatible with the final version of Visual Studio 2010. You will need to uninstall the current bits and then install the new bits…


Yes we finally have Express version of Visual Studio 2010 for Windows Phone

Last week as I took a nostalgic walk down the memory lane talking about the tooling features over the years targeting various Generations of Windows Mobile. Today I am very pleased to share that we have brand new setup of (Free!) tools now available for download today. Yes this is the big announcement we made…


A walk down the memory lane

It was end of 2003 when I moved from the Office Developer Team to the Visual Studio for Devices Team. A team that was chartered to provide developer tools for Windows CE and Windows Mobile. Quite a change from writing code in Visual Basic/VBA to C++ for Smart Devices and even more interesting was having…


It’s been a long time…

This blog goes live again. Stay tuned for exiting stuff. 03.15.2010 ! See you @ MIX 2010.


Getting some reports of IE8 Beta with Smart Device Projects

A couple of customer pinged me recently that when they create a new Smart Device Native Project in VS 2008, the dialog comes and goes away and nothing really happens. On futher investigation it appears that installing IE8 Beta cause this. I don’t have a work around to share at this point (other than un-installing…


A good list of mobile optimised websites

Last night I was browsing around the web when I saw very handy collection of Web Sites that are optimised for mobile devices. I thought I should share  Business Ameritrade Trade and Watch Stocks Bloomberg Track your portfolio Business Week Mobile Business Week Fidelity Trade and Watch Stocks Forbes Mobile Forbes StockPoint Can’t create…


I will be @ Mix 08

Will you ? Also I am told that the Early Birds Discount Ends soon. So act fast ! Amit Chopra


Looking for an easy way to try VS 2008?

While we do have trial editions available for download, but if you don’t want the hassle of installing this on your main machine, I noticed that there are VPC Images with Visual Studio 2008 [Trial] pre-installed also available for download. More details available here. Amit Chopra