Test and Lab Management changes in Visual Studio Service Pack 1 release


As you know, it has now been a couple of weeks since we released the Visual Studio Service Pack 1 product. You can find out all about this release, including a very detailed list of all the changes included in this release at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/983509

This was a significant release for the Test and Lab Management team too.

I had shared with you in December 2010, all of the changes we had shipped as part of the Beta build for this release. Those changes are of course there in the final release, and you can review them again here. There is only one more area that we had added support for after the beta, and I want to draw your attention to that:

IE9 support for Fast Forward & CodedUITest in Visual Studio 2010 SP1

With the release of Visual Studio 2010 SP1, Fast Forward & CodedUITest features of VS 2010 now support IE version 9.0 where customers can do functional testing of their web application in the new browser. The main aim of this release is to gain parity with IE8 support in IE9. The scenarios that worked in IE7/IE8 should continue to work on IE9 and users should be able to record in IE7/IE8 and playback in IE9 and vice versa. In this release we only support recording on IE9 compatible mode but playback is supported both in standard and compat mode. For more information on our IE9 support statement and known issues please take a look at this blog.

We have all moved to using this build for the Visual Studio 2010 product, and hope you are planning on adopting this build too! Please do leave a comment if you need additional information.

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