VS2010 Launched – great launch event in Bangalore, India

April 12 was of course a big day for us. VS 2010 and .NET Framework 4 was launched with great fanfare – in 5 cities around the world (Las Vegas, Bangalore, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, and London) on that day. In all, the launch event will be held in 30 countries around the globe, and we will be reaching out to more than 50,000 developers! This is great coverage for a fantastic product, as being part of the development team, I really feel proud of what we have built!

You can read more about the launch from Soma’s blog. Soma himself was in Bangalore for the launch. I would estimate that his keynote was attended by more than 1500 people at the Lalit Ashok. The audience really cheered for the demos, and the largest cheer was for the actionable bug demo by Stephanie Cuthbertson. Stephanie mentioned that the most common question, after she did the ALM demos, was - “How can I get the Test tools?”.

In the evening of the 12th, I chaired a panel discussion with six other panelists and an audience of about a hundred TDMs. The panelists were senior executives from companies like Infosys, Dell, NIIT, MindTree, Polaris, and ITC. The topic was about mastering the decision triangle of profitability, quality, and productivity – especially, in the context of the post reset global economy. The panelists shared a broad range of perspective and experiences – it was quite clear that one good thing about the economic meltdown was that there was much more scrutiny on software projects – a push for better business processes, increased transparency and efficiency, and much higher accountability. That’s exactly what was needed – we have tolerated software project failure and mediocre executions for too long. The panelists were unanimous is their opinion that well integrated ALM tools are the need for the hour and will help meet the expectations of these times. The audience really appreciated the demos of the 2010 product – architectural discoverability, actionable  bugs, and streamlining of processes.

The next day, I and Mathew Aniyan presented two sessions on “Advanced Development Practices with TFS and Lab Management 2010”, and “Improving Developer Tester Collaboration with Visual Studio 2010”. Each of these sessions were attended by about 300 people, and the sessions went very well. I was quite surprised by the level of interest and many questions around TFS, Coded UI, Lab Management, and the capabilities for generalist testers. It was quite clear that Bangalore really loved VS 2010 and the Developer/Tester capabilities in the product.

I also had a session on TechEd Live – a conversation with Nikhil Chinapa (@nikhilchinapa) around our testing tools. Nikhil of course is a famous VJ on MTV. I was very impressed by Nikhil – down to earth, witty, and spontaneous in how he relates to technology in his own way. I enjoyed the conversation – and so did Nikhil. He mentioned he quite understood how our approach with our testing tools was unique! I will post a link to the conversation once it is put up on the TechEd site.

There is more to be done around launch – next week I will be in Netherlands and Belgium for more events. I am really looking forward to the experience of meeting more customers and partners!

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