VSTS 2010 Beta 1 download now available for everyone …

The VS 2010 Beta 1, the VSTS 2010 Beta1, and the .NET Framework Beta 1 is now available for all  to download. Here are a few links that you will find useful:

 The Beta 1 download site (the homage page this beta program)

The VSTS Beta 1 Suite Installer (includes the Team Test client components)

Team Foundation Server download

Lab Management Beta 1 download

Lab Agent download

Test Agent download

Note that the VSTS 2010 Suite Beta 1 bits includes all of the client products for Visual Studio Team Systems – that is, you will get the product for Developers, Architects, and Testers. The Team Foundation Server (TFS) bits provide the server side for the above client components, and the Lab Management product is for the physical machines which you want to devote to setting up a virtual lab. So, the above downloads will enable you to install and play with the Test Product and the Lab Management products that I have been talking to you about.

My colleague Brian Keller has created this nice video that will help you with the installation and configuration of the VSTS 2010 Suite Beta 1 bits.

I really encourage you to download and try out the product, and would love to hear your feedback. I am also including the official channels for getting your feedback and issues to the product development teams.

Beta 1 Forums

Beta 1 Connect Site (for bug reporting)

Finally, I will point to a couple of other important links that you will find useful as you try out the products:

Online documentation for Team Test (docs for the Team Test features)

Lab Management Setup Guide download (setup/config of Lab Management)

There – I think you now have all the information to get started with the bits. I will now return back to my series on testing, and in the new few posts focus on the Lab Management product. I hope you are enjoying this series, and stay tuned …

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