How far are we into the “Rethinking Software Testing” series?

I started the series on “Rethinking Software Testing” in December 2008, and in the past few months have covered several topics – Unit Testing, Load Testing, Test Planning, Manual Testing, and Coded UI. I hope you are finding this series useful and informative – it certainly has been an great experience for me and my team to talk about the product and features we are so passionate about, and in engaging with you around your comments.

I thought I’d take a moment to review how far we have come and what’s coming up next. I am including here the architecture block diagram of our products that I had shared with you earlier. So far, I have covered all of the areas marked in green. What’s remaining to cover are the blocks in blue. The In the next few posts,I will talk about remote execution and data collection (noted as the “Data Collectors” block in the diagram). Then will come reporting, and after that I will devote a few posts to the “Lab Management” product.


Each of these blocks of course are broad feature areas (or products in themselves) and there is a lot more to talk about their capabilities. Once I complete the overview posts on all of the blocks, I will go into more specific details. We should also be ready with the Beta 1 release of VS 2010 around then, and you will have an opportunity to play with the latest bits – I can’t wait for that to happen, and me and my team are hard at work to get ready for this important milestone 🙂

Do please let me know if there are specific details about these feature areas that you’d like to hear about in more details, and I’d be happy happy to incorporate those.

Up next then - “Remote Execution and Data Collection” – stay tuned!

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