Check out the new VSTS (Team System) web site …

In the last several weeks I have been sharing with you details about the exciting test products we have  been building for you. The Visual Studio Team Test and Lab Management products are of course part of the Visual Studio Team System family of products, and in many ways the real value of the products we build shines through in the quality of innovation we offer as an integrated exprerience accross all roles and participants in a development team that includes architects, developers, testers, project managers, business analysts, and project decision makers.

Please check out the new site that we have recently launched to bring you all the information you need to explore the Team System suite and the role based products. Several team members have contributed to the success of this site, making the content relevant, discoverable, and up to date. Sharon Elkins has been leading this effort, and she would love to hear your feedback on the site.

The entire VSTS product team is heads-down and busy in finishing up the 2010 version of the product. We'd love for you to evaluate the product and send us your valuable feedback. This newly organized site is a great place for you to start!

I will be back soon with the next post on our test product, and it will be on Test Planning. Stay tuned ...


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