Submitting the Windows Phone application to the Marketplace

The last several weeks have been quite busy at work. However, I finally found the time to publish my application to the market place and it now now live there, with a few downloads reported too! In this post I will walk you through the steps involved in submissions, and share with you my experience….


Unit Testing the Windows Phone 7 applications

It’s been a long while since my last blog post. With some additional responsibilities at work, and a long trip to the US, I just did not find the time to update the blog with the latest developments. But I am happy to find time this weekend to bring the Chronometer Windows Phone 7 application…


Visual Studio ALM vNext announced at TechEd 2011, Atlanta

I am very excited – we just announced the vision for Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) in the next version of Visual Studio, at TechEd 2011 North America, at Atlanta. In his key note address on May 16, Jason Zander shared the vision and the roadmap, and demonstrated some of the cool features you can…


Building Windows Phone 7 User Interface with Expression Blend

Microsoft Expression Blend is a great tool for designing user interfaces. Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone provides a streamlined development workflow for Windows Phone 7 applications that was previously available for Silverlight and .NET applications only. You can refer to this link to figure out the version of the tool that best suits your…


Continuing with the Windows Phone applications–.NET Serialization

The Chronometer application I have been building for Windows Phone 7 is coming along nicely! This has mostly been a weekend project, as I don’t find time to get to it during the working days. The Stopwatch functionality is almost complete. In the last post I introduced the concept of data binding and persistence. I…


Building a Windows Phone 7 Application–Data Binding and Persistence!

The IPLT20 cricket championship is currently in progress – this means there is a lot of cricket on Television. Usually a couple of games from 4pm to almost midnight! If you don’t have any other plans, these games are a great option to while away your evenings. I spend some time on the weekends watching…


Windows Phone 7 app: Adding “portrait”/“landscape” modes to Chronometer

This one is a short update to the Windows 7 Phone application that I have been building and blogging about – you can find the starting of the series here. The application that we have built, so far, does not respond to flipping the phone on to it’s side. For example, below are two views…


WP7 Chronometer – adding the ‘Application Bar’

I have been waiting to get back to the Windows Phone 7 Chronometer app that I have started to build and blogged about last week. Today’s World Cup Cricket final provides the perfect setting to sit in front of the television to watch the game and get some coding done as well! My goal today…


Building a Windows Phone 7 Application

It’s a lazy Saturday afternoon, and was the perfect time for me to do something that I have been meaning to get to for a while now. That is, to develop a Windows Phone 7 application. No, I don’t have a brilliant application idea in mind (I will get to that another day), but this…