Demo – tutorial 2: Building TFS reports using Excel and Excel Services

Here's another demo from the same reporting talk I presented sometime last year (video #1 available here).

This demo shows building TFS reports in Excel that go against the TFSWarehouse Cube. Excel 2007 had some great features that make building such reports a breeze. Advanced formatting/charting/pivoting capabilities, cubeset functions (not demoed) make Excel a very powerful BI tool.

Excel Services makes it very easy to share these reports with a wider audience. Data connection management, security, dashboards, KPIs make Excel Services a very powerful BI platform.

Here's the demo, hope you find it helpful.

Comments (3)

  1. Here are some notes and a list of questions and answers regarding the TFS Reporting architecture. I gave

  2. TFS work items can provide a wealth of information that can be used for decision making and analysis,

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