Custom Taskbars in Vista and XP

I didn’t know till very recently that XP, Vista supported custom taskbars, in addition to the main taskbar  – the one with the "Start" button. This is a pretty cool, relatively unknown (at least I didn’t know about it till now – and XPs been out since Oct 2001) feature. Here’s how you do it:…


Demo – tutorial 2: Building TFS reports using Excel and Excel Services

Here’s another demo from the same reporting talk I presented sometime last year (video #1 available here). This demo shows building TFS reports in Excel that go against the TFSWarehouse Cube. Excel 2007 had some great features that make building such reports a breeze. Advanced formatting/charting/pivoting capabilities, cubeset functions (not demoed) make Excel a very…


Demo – tutorial: Building a TFS report using Report Designer

I gave a talk to an internal team sometime last year on building TFS reports. The talk was recorded and I rediscovered that video a few days ago. I did a couple of report-building demos during the talk. Here’s one of them:    


OranTech Project Party

Technorati Tags: Project Server,Connector,OranTech,ProjectParty This week I met the team from OranTech and saw a demo of their ProjectParty solution. ProjectParty connects Project Server 2007 and with Team Foundation Server 2005.  It synchronizes meta-data (fields, enumerations) and data (tasks, assignments, resources) between the two system. The solution supports many to many Project Server to Team…