Channel 9 videos on VSTS 2010 and Business Alignment

A bunch of videos on VSTS 2010 and Business Alignment went live today. Here are the links to those videos: – Achieving Business Alignment with Visual Studio Team System 2010- Agile Planning Templates in Visual Studio Team System 2010- Enterprise Project Management with Visual Studio Team System 2010 – Requirements Management and Traceability with Visual Studio Team System 2010 In…


Channel9 videos on VSTS 2010

Brian Keller ( has been posting a bunch of Visual Studio Team System 2010 videos on Channel 9 ( See Brian’s post ( for more details.  


Seattle Visual Studio Team System Users Group

The Seattle Team System Users Group meets on the last Wednesday of each month. The meetings are held on the Microsoft Main campus, usually in building 118. Usually the meeting format is a presentation by a subject matter expert on a VSTS feature area followed by Q+A. Tomorrow’s meeting is in building 41. Juan Perez…


TFS – PS Connector updated to work with TFS 2008

Lenny has posted an update to the CodePlex TFS-PS connector. The connector now works with TFS 2008. Ideally, the connector should have worked with TFS 2008 right from the start. However, a change was made to the GetProjectProperties method in TFS 2008 which broke some backwards compatibility. Lenny addressed this changes in the connector update….


SSDS – SQL Server Data Services

The SSDS or SQL Server Data Services program was recently announced – SSDS is basically a set of web services that provide a database in the clouds. This is great news for folks building and hosting their web applications. Core value propositions I see are Reduced complexity – maintaining a database instance has its…


Project Server or Team Foundation Server? Project Server AND Team Foundation Server!

I have heard this question a number of times now – "Should our team/unit/company use Team Foundation Server or Project Server for managing our IT projects?". My answer is that it is usually not an Either-Or proposition. The two solutions are complementary. Project Server, or more accurately the Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution, addresses the…


Custom Taskbars in Vista and XP

I didn’t know till very recently that XP, Vista supported custom taskbars, in addition to the main taskbar  – the one with the "Start" button. This is a pretty cool, relatively unknown (at least I didn’t know about it till now – and XPs been out since Oct 2001) feature. Here’s how you do it:…


Demo – tutorial 2: Building TFS reports using Excel and Excel Services

Here’s another demo from the same reporting talk I presented sometime last year (video #1 available here). This demo shows building TFS reports in Excel that go against the TFSWarehouse Cube. Excel 2007 had some great features that make building such reports a breeze. Advanced formatting/charting/pivoting capabilities, cubeset functions (not demoed) make Excel a very…


Demo – tutorial: Building a TFS report using Report Designer

I gave a talk to an internal team sometime last year on building TFS reports. The talk was recorded and I rediscovered that video a few days ago. I did a couple of report-building demos during the talk. Here’s one of them:    


OranTech Project Party

Technorati Tags: Project Server,Connector,OranTech,ProjectParty This week I met the team from OranTech and saw a demo of their ProjectParty solution. ProjectParty connects Project Server 2007 and with Team Foundation Server 2005.  It synchronizes meta-data (fields, enumerations) and data (tasks, assignments, resources) between the two system. The solution supports many to many Project Server to Team…