Tell us what you think about reporting in TFS

Reporting is a very powerful feature in TFS. It has a lot of capabilities and can provide some very deep and meaningful insights across the development lifecycle. But, some of our customers aren't using the reporting system to its fullest potential.  

The reporting team is interested in learning more about what you it is that you want out of the reporting system. We want your feedback on what issues/limitations/pain-points frustrate you the most, what features/changes would excite you,  what reports you find useful, what reports you would like to see out of the box, what type of reports you have built, who builds these reports, the reporting authoring experience – what works/doesn’t work, etc. This information will help us chart the course for delivering the reporting features in our next releases that you will find valuable.

Please take 10-15 minutes to give us your feedback. You can access the survey here:


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