How much time does my project team really have?

I think one of the greatest challenges for a project manager is to have a realistic view of how much time team members can really spend on their scheduled tasks. Unplanned activities can put a big dent in projects leading to all sorts of fire fighting; either towards the end of a milestone when the…


Understanding the TFS cube

Jimmy’s first blog post ( on the Team blog explains the structure of the TFS cube! He covers four perspectives* in great detail. *”Perspectives” is a great feature in SQL Server 2005 (Enterprise Edition) that groups the subset of related cube entities, such as measure groups and dimensions, into views; it makes it easier to navigate the cube….


Team Foundation Server Reporting and Visio

Visio 2007 has some very cool new reporting features. I’m very excited about the the PivotDiagram features in particular. PivotDigrams can be used to slice and dice data just like Pivot Tables in Excel. Here’s an example of a Visio report that shows the active and resolved bug and task distribution across a number of…


A cool report authoring tool

In V1, the primary report authoring options are 1/ write SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports using Visual Studio Report Designer (part of the Business Intelligence Studio – or BIDS) 2/use Excel to connect to the cubes and build reports. Users can use also use Report Builder, a report authoring tool that ships with SSRS,…


Tell us what you think about reporting in TFS

Reporting is a very powerful feature in TFS. It has a lot of capabilities and can provide some very deep and meaningful insights across the development lifecycle. But, some of our customers aren’t using the reporting system to its fullest potential.   The reporting team is interested in learning more about what you it is that you want out of the…