Project Server 2003 and Visual Studio Team System 2005 connector available!

A year ago I posted a sample application on GotDotNet to illustrate how Project Server and Visual Studio Team System can share data. The solution source code was accompanied by a detailed white paper that documented the architecture, design and the implementation.

The goal for the solution was two fold. One, to illustrate how these two products could be "connected" to enable application development lifecycle management from conception to conclusion and two, to provide developers who were planning on developing a connector for the two systems with a "springboard".

The posted solution works with the Beta 2 version of VSTS and the upgrade was left as a user exercise. Unfortunately, I did not have the cycles to update the solution myself. So the GotDotNet solution, while interesting, was not very useful for those who wanted to use it without redeveloping parts of it - especially after VSTS was released.

I am pleased to announce that Avanade has released an upgraded version of the connector. The upgraded connector is available at here. The connector is also available as a part of the Avanade Software Lifecycle Platform™. You can learn more about it here.

The connector synchronizes Project, Resource and Task data between the two systems. Project Managers, Resource Managers continue to work in the EPM environment while the development team works in the development environment, i.e. VSTS, and data seamlessly flows between the two systems. Updates to work items in VSTS are automatically applied to the corresponding assignments and tasks in Project Server and vice versa. Project Managers have complete control over the inflow of the actuals into the project plan.  In addition, resource management functions for all development projects, like managing time and utilization for resources working across multiple projects, team staffing etc. can be performed in Project Server. Lastly, portfolio and program level reports can easily be generated for projects being executed in VSTS and managed in Project Server.

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  1. Rob Caron says:

    About eight months ago I blogged optimistically that we’d have an RTM-compatible version of the Project

  2. Kandarp says:

    Has anyone tried installing the connector? I was installing on the machine where Project Server 2003 was installed. But got the error while installing saying “Error 26002. Failed to read IIsWebs table. (-2147023728 )”.

    Any suggestion? TFS is installed on different machine.



  3. Ameya says:


    The connector can be installed either on the TFS server or on a separate machine. Installing the connector on the Project Server machine is not supported.

    Per the installation instructions:  The solution can be deployed in the following two ways, depending on which computer you install the connector.

    On Team Foundation Application Server computer (default) – the connector can be deployed on the Team Foundation Application Server computer.  This is the default deployment scenario.  This scenario supports both the SQL Server deployed on the same box as the Team Foundation Application Server as well as the SQL Server deployed on a separate server.

    On a separate computer – in this kind of deployment, the connector is deployed on a computer other than the one running Project Server or Team Foundation.  The computer is in the same domain as the Team Foundation and Project Server.


  4. EPM – PROJECT SERVER 2003 – TFSCaros Amigos,Acaba de sair uma alternativa para integração

  5. EPM – PROJECT SERVER 2003 – TFSCaros Amigos,Acaba de sair uma alternativa para integração entre o Project…

  6. A year ago I posted a sample application on GotDotNet to illustrate how Project Server and Visual Studio

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