Using signed PowerShell scripts with configuration items and applications

Edit: The deployment type detection method issue will be resolved in 1706 Current Branch. It will also be available for testing in 1705 Technical Preview. In the past if you wanted to use a signed PowerShell script as a configuration item detection method or deployment type detection method, you would see an error on the…


Troubleshooting Configuration Manager Powershell cmdlets

Starting with Configuration Manager 2012 SP1, we began providing PowerShell cmdlets to assist with many management tasks. The number of cmdlets grew to over 400 with CU1 along with providing numerous fixes and enhancements to the cmdlets that shipped with 2012 SP1 RTM. If you’re experiencing problems with cmdlets, try these troubleshooting steps: Make sure that…


Quick summary on how management point selection works in flexible (formerly native) mode in Configuration Manager 2012

There’s been a lot of questions as of late in the TechNet forums on how flexible mode works in Configuration Manager 2012 with regard to MP communication. I’m writing up this quick post to quickly summarize how things work in Configuration Manager 2012. In Configuration Manager 2007, there were two modes: mixed and native mode….


SDK: 32-bit legacy programs interoperating with the 64-bit client using COM

Update @ 2013-06-21: CU2 has been relreased and has a fix for the CPApplet issues. Please reference my latest post about this fix. Update @ 2013-06-05: A fix for the CPApplet interfaces not being accessible from 32-bit processes will be released as part of Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 CU2. I’ll write a full blog post…


SDK: How to create an Application with a requirement rule pointing to a global condition

In a previous post, I demonstrated how to create an application with an enhanced detection rule (EHD). Creating an application with a requirements rule is a bit more complicated. In this post I will provide a sample on how to do this using one of the “out of the box” global conditions that’s provided with…


SDK: How to create a custom client using the client messaging SDK (link)

One of my colleagues, Minfang Lu has posted an introduction on how to create a custom client using the client messaging SDK. Her post expands on the sample.cs included with the SDK providing lots of useful information on how you can implement your own custom client solution. You can read her post here: Thanks,…


SDK: How to create a basic application and add a deployment type

Update #1: For information on enhanced detection methods, see this post. Update #2: To avoid an exception being thrown in the administrator console, add the following code after line 12: application.DisplayInfo.DefaultLanguage = displayInfo.Language; (this has been fixed in ConfigMgr 2012 SP1) Update #3: I have updated the sample as an attachment to this blog post…


Configuration Manager 2012 SDK Preview release bits posted to TechNet

The latest preview release of the Configuration Manager 2012 SDK has been posted to TechNet. Link: One of the exiting new features in this SDK is the Client Messaging SDK. This SDK is meant to replace the old MP API. It not only provides means for sending messages to a management point (just like…