Troubleshooting Configuration Manager Powershell cmdlets

Starting with Configuration Manager 2012 SP1, we began providing PowerShell cmdlets to assist with many management tasks. The number of cmdlets grew to over 400 with CU1 along with providing numerous fixes and enhancements to the cmdlets that shipped with 2012 SP1 RTM.

If you're experiencing problems with cmdlets, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure that the machine you're running the cmdlet from has the latest CU installed. Even if the site server is updated to the latest CU, the admin console needs to be updated with the latest CU as well. These CUs provide numerous fixes and enhancements to the PowerShell cmdlets.
  • Check smsprov.log on the site server to look for errors. Some cmdlets may not report certain failures as errors and silently exit (we're aware of this and working on fixing this class of issue). If you believe this is happening, look for failures in smsprov.log. This can surface problems.
  • Add -Verbose to the cmdlet parameters. In many cases this will show the actual WQL query that is executed against the SMS Provider on the site server. This can provide deeper insight into what the cmdlet is actually doing and can help to isolate incorrect command line that you may be passing to the cmdlet. Not all cmdlets will report WMI query information with -Verbose, but most do.

If you're still experiencing problems with the cmdlets or there is functionality that you want that is missing, there's two things I recommend. First check on the TechNet forums to see if your problem has already been reported. Secondly, please provide feedback through the Configuration Manager Connect site. Any feedback you leave here goes directly to the product team.

2015/4/24 Update:

We now release our cmdlets as a standalone download separate from CUs. Please see the TechNet documentation on the Configuration Manager Cmdlet Library for more information. We will no longer be releasing cmdlet updates as part of CU releases.

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