Troubleshooting Configuration Manager Powershell cmdlets

Starting with Configuration Manager 2012 SP1, we began providing PowerShell cmdlets to assist with many management tasks. The number of cmdlets grew to over 400 with CU1 along with providing numerous fixes and enhancements to the cmdlets that shipped with 2012 SP1 RTM. If you’re experiencing problems with cmdlets, try these troubleshooting steps: Make sure that…


Quick summary on how management point selection works in flexible (formerly native) mode in Configuration Manager 2012

There’s been a lot of questions as of late in the TechNet forums on how flexible mode works in Configuration Manager 2012 with regard to MP communication. I’m writing up this quick post to quickly summarize how things work in Configuration Manager 2012. In Configuration Manager 2007, there were two modes: mixed and native mode….


SDK: Creating custom inventory classes for clients with the client messaging SDK

Out of the box, the client messaging SDK contains several basic hardware inventory classes for sending inventory data such as CCM_System, Win32_NetworkAdapter, and some others. It has the ability to create inventory data on the fly from pre-formatted XML using InventoryInstanceGeneric. It also has some wrapper functionality to convert existing data in WMI to pre-formatted…


SDK: Creating DDRs on the site server using the client messaging SDK

Despite its name, the client messaging SDK also has some strictly server side functionality. In its original release with the ConfigMgr 2012 SDK, it could write state messages and status messages directly to the inboxes on the site server. In the SP1 SDK, you can now write DDR messages directly to the site inboxes. This…