.NET Reflector is not free anymore…

Starting with the 7th version, Red Gate has decided to charge $35 for .NET Reflector. Company has announced that this policy change was due to commercial reasons.

.NET Reflector is one of the best "essential" tools used in debugging .NET Framework related issues. It uses reflection classes and converts IL code into .NET code (it can be called some kind of "reverse engineering").

For more details, please see Red Gate's web site:

An open letter to the .NET community


Thanks for the comments. Prior versions won't be free after May and it will be forced to update to v7 which is not free at all!

Please see:



Comments (4)

  1. mikeb says:

    > Prior versions will be kept free of charge. <<

    However, keep in mind that the free version will expire and no longer run after the end of May 2011 (unless RedGate changes its policy on that).

  2. RichardDeeming says:

    "Prior versions will be kept free of charge."

    Wrong – v6.6 will expire at the end of May, and your only option will be to pay for v7:


  3. James says:

    It's a great tool, nothing wrong with charging a few bucks for a great tool.

  4. Adam M. says:

    What's wrong is that they had quelled the controversy over them having bought out the tool by promising to provide a free community version (with fewer features) in perpetuity, but are now breaking that promise.

    Author's note: Sorry, I had to remove the part which breaks the copyright laws.

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