.NET Core & ASP.NET Core 1.0 is being released at Red Hat DevNation.

Today is another milestone on developers’ world: .NET Core & ASP.NET Core 1.0 is being released at Red Hat DevNation. If you want to eyewitness that moment you can watch it here. If you want to get started with .NET Core & ASP.NET Core 1.0 (if you haven’t done yet), you can start with the following resources: .NET Home…


Enlightening a mystery with Failed Request Tracing: does IIS not respect the minFileSizeForComp setting for static compression?

I have been working with one of my customers to fix some static compression issues on IIS 8.5. During our work I have been asked that if IIS is not respecting the minFileSizeForComp settings and if it is compressing the static files that are smaller than the limit configured in the IIS settings. Before proceeding…


Some IIS administration cmdlets run slowly in PowerShell 4.0

I wrote a KB article about PowerShell IIS administration cmdlets when you run in Win 2008 or Win 2008 R2. If you are running New-WebApplication or ConvertTo-WebApplication cmdlets in Win 2008 or Win 2008 R2 then you may face with some performance issues. For the details and the workaround please see the following article: Some IIS…


IIS 8.5 – How to log client port number

When an HTTP request is made from a client machine to a web server, a TCP connection is established between the client and the server machines. That TCP connection is built on the port numbers on both server and client sides. A web server, for example IIS, listens on port 80 for HTTP and on…


Collecting a memory dump with ProcDump when ASP.NET ISAPI is reported unhealthy or deadlock detected in an ASP.NET application

PROBLEM You are running an ASP.NET application in IIS. You noticed that the worker process shuts down and restarts. At the same time you see one or both of the following events in the event logs: Event ID 2262: ISAPI ‘C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\<version>\aspnet_isapi.dll’ reported itself as unhealthy for the following reason: ‘Deadlock detected’. Event ID 5013: A…


IIS application pool may be terminated while collecting dump

Consider the following scenario: You are running a web application on IIS and you need to collect a memory dump of the application pool process (w3wp.exe). W3wp.exe in subject consumes huge memory, for example, around 40 GB, and it takes some time to write the dump file. When you try to collect a memory dump…


Free e-book – Windows 8.1 Universal application development

A colleague of mine, Matteo Pagani, has published a free e-book about Windows 8.1 Universal Application Development, it is a second part of the same topic. Below is what he says about it: More Windows 8.1 Succinctly Move beyond the development stage and present your apps to the world. In this final volume, author Matteo…


Everyone can build an app – introducing Windows Phone App Studio beta

“Windows Phone App Studio is about giving everyone the ability to create an app, regardless of experience. It also can radically accelerate workflow for all developers.” Read the full story at Windows Phone Developer Blog. –AMB                              


Free e-book collection

Hello, one of my colleauges shared the following blog post which provides a list for free e-books for different technologies including web and mobile development. Definetly it is worth to check: Huge collection of Free Microsoft eBooks for you, including: Office, Office 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, System Center, Visual Studio, Web Development, Windows, Windows Azure,…