Hello world, with Knockout JS and ASP.NET MVC 4!

I heard about Knockout a few months ago, but never gave it a proper try – at least not with ASP.NET MVC. You’ll enjoy the ViewModel pattern if you don’t want to have any code on your View – be it JS or CS! You can have a clean markup and a separate most part…


The “Light” theme for Windows store apps

I was recently talking to a developer working on a Windows store app and he said: “Dude, why the dark background for the apps? Shouldn’t Windows 8 apps be a bit brighter and cheerful? I had to show a good amount of text in my app, so I ended up setting the background to white…


A non-traditional “Hello World” app with Windows 8

As developers, we start exploring any new platform/framework/language with a traditional “Hello World” program. Windows 8 is a re-imagined new OS, and so I thought let’s re-imagine the “Hello World” too. Consultant Jargon is my non-traditional version of “Hello World”. Windows 8 store apps have a few things we need to keep in mind other…


Handling different orientations and views with Windows Store Apps

Microsoft recently set the Guinness World Record for the maximum number of developers (2500+) coding for a single event at a common location (in my hometown, Bangalore) for over 18 hours. I was a part of it and it was a lot of fun! We even had an anthem for the event 🙂 If you…


Windows Phone and Windows 8 learning resources

That’s right – 400 million new devices on the Windows ecosystem this year obviously represents the largest opportunity for software developers. That’s good enough reason to start looking into getting started with Windows Phone and Windows 8. Here are a couple of blog posts from my friend Ujjwal which will help you do exactly that….

The small joys of using PowerShell

I was looking for some good tech talks to download for the weekend and came across “Techdays 2012 the Netherlands”. I went ahead and downloaded a few of the videos using the Firefox extension “DownThemAll”. Once the downloads were complete, this is what my folder contents looked like: That was as expected, but I’d rather…


“Task List” and comments

I found something very interesting with Visual Studio from a code-commenting/todo-list perspective. (Which most of you might already know/use, if so – apologies for being late to the party! ) You can open up the “Task List” window and change the option from “User tasks” which is the default to “Comments”. Now, any comment that…