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BizTalk Message count per Application (DTADB data)

  You can download the code here at MSDN Code Gallery   it will create an ouput like this one:     NO APPLICATION results are meesages sent/received without a port  (direct bindings)   listed operations: Receiving Sending Error (if the send or receive opration fail)   Thanks to Roger Monclus, we have an improved… Read more

Purging TrackingDTA DB using terminator tool

To purge all the tracking DTADB using terminator tool follow these steps: 0. Disable global tracking In Biztalk 2009 and earlier verions: 1  Open SQL Server Enterprise manager 2. Open ‘BizTalkMgmtDb’ database 3. Open ‘adm_Group’ table. 4. Update GlobalTrackingOption column to ‘0’   In BizTalk 201x you just need to do this accesing the settings… Read more

Hiding sensitive data in BizTalk 2013 tracking database

You can secure the sensitive data ensuringthat it does not appear in corresponding schemas property window and thereforebecomes unavailable for tracking. To do this, open the schema definition you want to secure and apply the isSensitive attributeto any sensitive properties in a property schema, so that it is no longervisible in the Message Property tracking configuration… Read more

Querying tracking data from BizTalk 2009 Administration Console

Since  in BizTalk 2009  the HAT console has been deprecated  we can now query tracking data through the Administration Console. Just right click on the BizTalk 2009 Root Node (not the hub node) and select “Connect to Existing Tracking Database” option. Then, simply select your SQL server instance and TrackigDTADb database names and ready to… Read more