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BizTalk SOAP Web Publishing Wizard does not properly sets the min and max occurs properties

“If you publish a schema that contains minOccurs or maxOccurs attributes with specific values, these values may be different in schema exposed by the published Web service. As a general rule of thumb, all minOccurs attributes are converted to 0 (minOccurs=0) and maxOccurs attributes are converted to either 1 or unbounded (maxOccurs=1 or maxOccurs=unbounded)” See… Read more

The SOAP Adapter does not returns a validation exception to a subscribed orchestration

Because there are many customers still using the deprecated SOAP adapter i have decided to create this post in order to help them in this particular situation.   Consider the following scenario:     The orchestration has a subscription through the web port.  There is a strong business requirement to validate all the incoming messages,… Read more