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Running powershell ISE as administrator

  For unkown reason, the powershell ISE is not shown when you search for it in the Windows 8. Because of it, running the tool with elevated privilegies could be complicated. To run Powershell ISE as an administrator you can execute the Start-Process cmdlet as follows:   Start-Process powershell_ise -verb runas   This will workaround… Read more

Powershell script to change application pool credentials

  With this powershell script you will be able to change the user name and password of any application pool in which the user equals to a specific one. This is meaning that it will replace the existing credentials with new ones (in all the application pools)   Pre-Requisites: The ps1 file should be executed… Read more

Powershell script to change windows service credentials

  With this powershell script you will be able to change the user name and password of any Windows service. It can work against 1 or more services at the same time. The process will stop the service before changing the credentials and it will start it aftet. If the service is not running before… Read more

Script to start/stop all the BizTalk hostinstances of a specific BizTalk host (vbs)

  Description With this Visual Basic script you will be able to Start or Stop all the BizTalk host instances of a specific host. Usage Valid Parameters: HostName     This is the host name you want to start/stop all its host instances. When the host instances of this host are clustered, this property should contains… Read more

Visual basic script to start/stop any Windows service(s) in any server(s)

  Well, i have been improving this script in several post and I think this is the most useful versión.   Functionalities · Start a windows Service · Stop a windows Service · Do any of this actions in several services using Wildcards expressions · Do any of this actions in 1 to n Servers…. Read more

Extended vbs to start/stop all BizTalk host instances in several servers

  Warning: do not try this directly in production without test it!!!   Some services may require Administrator rights to be Started / Stopped ‘——————————————————-‘ ‘ VBScript ActBizTalkServerInstance.vbs ‘ Sample script to Stop Or Start ALL BizTalk Services, it will return 0 if no errors found, 1 if any, and will exit when the error occurs… Read more

How to stop a ALL BizTalk services with a vbs script

For a improved versión see the post   This basic script is using vbs to stop all BizTalk services in the running server. It will loop searching for all windows services starting by ‘’BTSSvc%’ It asks for confirmation  before stoping all   ‘ VBScript Restart Service.vbs ‘ Sample script to Stop or Start a… Read more

BizTalk Message count per Application (DTADB data)

  You can download the code here at MSDN Code Gallery   it will create an ouput like this one:     NO APPLICATION results are meesages sent/received without a port  (direct bindings)   listed operations: Receiving Sending Error (if the send or receive opration fail)   Thanks to Roger Monclus, we have an improved… Read more

Extended Visual Basic Script to deal with BizTalk Suspended Messages

I have uploaded an improved versión of this script in the TechNet Wiki Site You can now filter by a suspension time range also! 🙂   Background of suspended messages. BizTalk Server stores messages associated with suspended pipelines in the MessageBox database. If a failure occurs in the pipeline, BizTalk Server suspends the instance of a… Read more