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BizTalk 2016 coming in Q4 2016!

New BizTalk 2016 books available on Amazon: Advanced development techniques: The Message Engine: BizTalk 2016 Schemas: As of 11/1/2016, Microsoft has published the Integration roadmap. You can download the PDF file from here: As it is stated in this document, BizTalk server Beta will come at some point in Q3. Later in Q4,… Read more

Event ID: 10536 ENTSSO Bad Data issue

  This is a known issue in Enterprise single sign on service that may occur under any of the following circumstances: When you’re setting up an Enterprise SSO cluster During enterprise SSO disaster recovery When you’re promoting an Enterprise SSO server to the Master Secret Server (MSS) During migration from an earlier version of Enterprise… Read more

MBV is being deprecated

  As of 13/7/2015, the MessageBoxViewer aka MBV is being deprecated and no more new updates will be available for download. As stated in JP’s blog the MBV has not been updated since January 2015. As you might already aware of, MBV is now transformed in to a more comprehensive and feature rich tool known… Read more

Integrating MessageBox Viewer and Terminator Tool

  The MessageBox viewer tool (MBV) will warn about database issues If your BizTalk environment is having them. To fix this problems It can be cumbersome to know which queries you should run in Terminator tool. As part of the output, The MBV will create an XML file named MBVCleanupScripts.XML. It contains all the actions… Read more

Saving the MessageBoxViewer output to a SQL Server database

  The MessageBox viewer tool allow you to save the output in a SQL Server database. To do this, you just need to configure the following options under the settings section> SQL Store -  Send To SQL Warnings &  Dashboard : True if you want to log to a SQL server database SQL Store –… Read more

Script to start/stop all the BizTalk hostinstances of a specific BizTalk host (vbs)

  Description With this Visual Basic script you will be able to Start or Stop all the BizTalk host instances of a specific host. Usage Valid Parameters: HostName     This is the host name you want to start/stop all its host instances. When the host instances of this host are clustered, this property should contains… Read more

BizTalk Server 2013 R2 and earlier versions are not supported with SQL Always on

  At the time of writing this post  (October 2014), BizTalk Server 2013 R2 and earlier product versions are not supported with the feature SQL Server Always ON enabled. The only version supported as of today (10/11/2017)  is BizTalk Server 2016 (even on Windows Azure running as IAAS)   SQL Server Always ON The AlwaysOn… Read more

Extended vbs to start/stop all BizTalk host instances in several servers

  Warning: do not try this directly in production without test it!!!   Some services may require Administrator rights to be Started / Stopped ‘——————————————————-‘ ‘ VBScript ActBizTalkServerInstance.vbs ‘ Sample script to Stop Or Start ALL BizTalk Services, it will return 0 if no errors found, 1 if any, and will exit when the error occurs… Read more