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Purging TrackingDTA DB using terminator tool

To purge all the tracking DTADB using terminator tool follow these steps: 0. Disable global tracking In Biztalk 2009 and earlier verions: 1  Open SQL Server Enterprise manager 2. Open ‘BizTalkMgmtDb’ database 3. Open ‘adm_Group’ table. 4. Update GlobalTrackingOption column to ‘0’   In BizTalk 201x you just need to do this accesing the settings… Read more

Invalid object name ‘BizTalkDTADb.dbo.Tracking_Parts1’

I have been in a customer recently that had this rare alert in the SQL Server Log while running the TrackedMessages_Copy_BizTalkMsgBoxDb job (never seen before) “Executed as user: USERNAME. Invalid object name ‘BizTalkDTADb.dbo.Tracking_Parts1’. [SQLSTATE 42S02] (Error 208).  The step failed.” At first glance i thought it was a security issue concerning the SQL Server Agent… Read more