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BizTalk Server 2016 notes. Advanced development techniques

I wrote the BizTalk Server Notes series based on information I gathered from my blog itself  and, what I think is more important also, from the field experience. The series will gain in complexity so, read the introduction section before getting into it. The latest one published is called Advanced techniques. It is not an… Read more

BizTalk: PowerShell script to provide high availability for single host instances (FTP,POP3…)

One of the most common BizTalk architectures I have seen across customers is as follows: With this configuration, BizTalk server is deployed using a high availability configuration that will work for most of cases in which the environment is receiving information using, for instance, the WCF http binding adapter only. The NLB (hardware or software)… Read more

BizTalk Server 2016 The Message Engine

Hi all, I have published a book explaining the BizTalk message Engine! You can have a look at it at Amazon here:    … Read more