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Purging TrackingDTA DB using terminator tool

To purge all the tracking DTADB using terminator tool follow these steps:

0. Disable global tracking

In Biztalk 2009 and earlier verions:

1  Open SQL Server Enterprise manager

2. Open ‘BizTalkMgmtDb’ database

3. Open ‘adm_Group’ table.

4. Update GlobalTrackingOption column to ‘0’


In BizTalk 201x you just need to do this accesing the settings of the BizTalk group

  1. Restart BizTalk Host Instances (this is just to apply the change of global tracking option)
  2. Wait 1-2 minutes with host instances working (this will ensure no new tracking data is generated)
  3. Stop all BizTalk hostinstances
  4. Stop SQL Server Agent
  5. Stop IIS in all BizTalk servers
  6. Stop any custom windows Service interacting with BizTalk applications.
  7. MANDATORY: Perform a FULL back UP of the BizTalk databases (in case something goes wrong you can restore the system)
  8. Run Terminator Tool. Select Delete option in the bottom buttons:


9.  Choose the action: Delete everything in the DTA.

10. Go to parameters tab and click the Execute button. This will purge DTADB. Once finished you should see the following message in the results tab:

Execution Output below:

Terminator Script Object has completed.

11. Activate  Global Tracking, reverting the action made in step 1

12. Take all the actions involved to start the BizTalk platform and test it. Ensure new DTA tracking data is generated.