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Running powershell ISE as administrator

  For unkown reason, the powershell ISE is not shown when you search for it in the Windows 8. Because of it, running the tool with elevated privilegies could be complicated. To run Powershell ISE as an administrator you can execute the Start-Process cmdlet as follows:   Start-Process powershell_ise -verb runas   This will workaround… Read more

Powershell script to change application pool credentials

  With this powershell script you will be able to change the user name and password of any application pool in which the user equals to a specific one. This is meaning that it will replace the existing credentials with new ones (in all the application pools)   Pre-Requisites: The ps1 file should be executed… Read more

Powershell script to change windows service credentials

  With this powershell script you will be able to change the user name and password of any Windows service. It can work against 1 or more services at the same time. The process will stop the service before changing the credentials and it will start it aftet. If the service is not running before… Read more

Integrating MessageBox Viewer and Terminator Tool

  The MessageBox viewer tool (MBV) will warn about database issues If your BizTalk environment is having them. To fix this problems It can be cumbersome to know which queries you should run in Terminator tool. As part of the output, The MBV will create an XML file named MBVCleanupScripts.XML. It contains all the actions… Read more

Saving the MessageBoxViewer output to a SQL Server database

  The MessageBox viewer tool allow you to save the output in a SQL Server database. To do this, you just need to configure the following options under the settings section> SQL Store -  Send To SQL Warnings &  Dashboard : True if you want to log to a SQL server database SQL Store –… Read more

Installing Windows Azure BizTalk Services SDK

  This is just a simple step by step guide to help you understand how to install the Windows Azure BizTalk Services SDK and what are the key components. Downloading the SDK Files You can download the SDK from this location: If you plan to use EDI integrations, then you need to select the… Read more

Script to start/stop all the BizTalk hostinstances of a specific BizTalk host (vbs)

  Description With this Visual Basic script you will be able to Start or Stop all the BizTalk host instances of a specific host. Usage Valid Parameters: HostName     This is the host name you want to start/stop all its host instances. When the host instances of this host are clustered, this property should contains… Read more

Visual Studio 2012, 2013 and 2015 “The application cannot start” message, when running as administrator and after update 3 installed.

Based on the comments I got on this post, the solution is also working for 2012 and 2015. Would it work for 2017 as well?  (25/03/2017) I got a weird error when I updated my Visual Studio 2013 with the Update 3. When i try to run Visual Studio with the option “Run as administrator·… Read more