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How to test (BizTalk) web services with soapUI Tool

One of my customers is using soapUI for testing web services and as i got really surprised with the features and capabilities the tool has i decided to post about it. 

Check the references section at the end of the post to download the tool.


What is SOAP UI briefly?

soapUI is a free and open source  desktop application for

  • inspecting Web Services
  • invoking Web Services
  • developing Web Services
  • Web Services Simulation and Mocking
  • Functional, Load and Compliance testing of Web Services

It is mainly aimed at developers and testers providing or consuming WSDL or REST based Web Services (Java, .net, etc). Functional and Load Testing can be done both interactively in soapUI or within an automated build or integration process using the soapUI command line tools.


Web Service testing through the SOAP UI interface (WSDL standard) :

Obviously, the first thing you need to get is your BizTalk web service wsdl file. Once got you open the SOAP UI interface and proceed  as follows:


#1# Go to File menu and click on new soapUI project



Type the desired  Project Name, click on browse button to select the WSDL file already saved as an XML.

#2# Check the Creates a TestSuite for the imported WSDL or WADL  option
#3# Press OK button
#4# soapUI will now spend some time analyzing the WSDL file

If it is ok will prompt (twice) for the Generate TestSuite options. Leave the default and click OK each time. soapUI is asking twice, one for the 1.0 and another one for the 1.2 soap specifications.

#5# you will get the list of all methods aggregated by the SOAP specification version


#6#  Configuring the Request pane.

by double clicking on the  method  soapUi will show you the configure request window (on the right pane)

#7# The only thing you have to do here is to fill the desired values and press the green play button on the left side of the window.



#8# soapUI will show you the request result on the right side of the window



Really good ,intuitive and very-easy-to-use tool for testing  your web services on development stage even without the need to know nothing about the tested web service.



For a detailed view of soapUI features visit

You can download the tool directly from here


Happy Testing   😉