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Querying tracking data from BizTalk 2009 Administration Console

Since  in BizTalk 2009  the HAT console has been deprecated  we can now query tracking data through the Administration Console.

Just right click on the BizTalk 2009 Root Node (not the hub node) and select “Connect to Existing Tracking Database” option.


Then, simply select your SQL server instance and TrackigDTADb database names and ready to go!




After connecting, the BizTalk hub will show the tracking data as follows



By pressing F5 the date will update with the last information. Clicking on every link will show you the classical query builder section  in which you can customize the query as needed:


You have almost all the old HAT queries here!  and in the same place!


HAT queries coming from previous versions of BizTalk will not work and you will need to re-code again in Administration Console.

Enjoy querying!   😉