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How to Stop a BizTalk application programmatically

  With this method you will be reproducing the same actions than doing this through the BizTalk administration console. Create a C# .NET Console application (vbs can be used as well) and add a reference to the following DLL: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006\Developer Tools\Microsoft.BizTalk.ExplorerOM.dll Warning This assembly only works under x86 therefore you… Read more

How to detect BizTalk is not processing new requests for a while

With this post i will start writing about a set of  T-SQL queries that can be used to monitor the BizTalk health. While there are several performance counters that can be used to detect BizTalk it is not processing new request, with the following simple query administrators can easily find out if something is wrong… Read more

“Hidden” monitoring benefit isolating BizTalk hosts by functionality

As detailed in the post “Host Queue Tables”  Separating hosts by functionality will improve performance and scalability but can provide us with and extra benefit while monitoring BizTalk through the administration  console. Take a look at the following picture:     What do you see here? (apart of blank spaces introduced by me) We are looking… Read more

Visual Studio versions needed by each release of BizTalk

  At the time to write this post the newest release of  BizTalk was 2009 R2   As can be seen, 2006 R2 SP1 does not support visual studio 2008 BizTalk 2013 requires Visual Studio 2012. Notes: There is no supportability with Visual Studio 2008, it must be on SP1 BizTalk 2009 R2 has been… Read more

BizTalk installation – Downloading redistributable packages

During the BizTalk installation process (from 2006 versions to the current latest one: 2009 R2) the Microsoft BizTalk Server Installation Wizard will ask you for the CAB file containing all the prerequisites needed.   Most of the times production servers do not have access to internet, so you will need to select “Automatically install the… Read more

BizTalk Backup Files – deleting the old ones

The BizTalk Back Up job does not delete the old files for safety reasons.  This obviously must be addressed by you. The proposed solution will take advantage of the out of the box database Back Up mechanism to avoid using extra tasks or external procedures. REALLY Important Note One: This is the crazy coding way… Read more

Consuming a web service in a non orchestration scenario

Typically, in an orchestration scenario, a web service is consumed by adding a web reference to the project (of course we can do it without to as well)  and linking send and receive shapes to the operation port (web method)  it means, a proxy class is being generated for us allowing to consume the WS. … Read more

Querying a SQL Server table using Business Rules

Pre-Requisites: You will need some experience using the Business Rules Composer (some basic staff is taken for obvious) Benefits: There is no need to call a .NET component with SQL database helper functions or whatever Business rules engine will catch the results. If the requirement change, you can adapt the business rules on the fly… Read more