Move an Azure virtual machine between subscriptions or data centers / geos

I couldn’t find this on the web, but found the link internally, so I’m hoping the title here and web search algorithms enable others to find it.  I had to move a VM between subscriptions and geos and it worked like a champ.  Some notes: Pay attention to the comments in the article.  A trick…


Windows Phone app for Desktop: "We couldn’t find your Podcasts library, but you can create a new one using Windows Explorer, and we’ll use that."

Solution:  Create a new Library.   Library must be named “Podcasts” Library must be of type “Music”   To change library type: Right click libraryin Explorer Choose Properties In Librarytab change Optimize this library for to Music   Hat Tip to Peter Jausovec and Hein Htat.  Thanks!


Internet Explorer IE print res://ieframe.dll/preview.js

I got this error in Win 8.1 and none of the solutions I found online fixed it.  What I found was that I had no default printer set for some reason.  I set a default printer and it fixed it.  You might test switching to a different default printer as well.


Office 365 EWS Unauthorized

Are you logging in with UPN and Password only? Have you granted yourself rights to the impersonation administrator role? Then, you’re almost certainly misspelling your username and/or password.  Double check by logging into OWA with the same creds.  Fight it, if you will, but this is almost certainly the case.  Check again.


Hibernate in Windows 8

Control Panel > System and Security > Power Options > Change/Chooose what the power buttons do > Change settings that are currently unavailable & scroll to bottom of window.  Checkbox on “Hibernate – Show in Power menu”.  Now check your Shutdown options, and Hibernate should be there along with Sleep, Shutdown, and Restart.


Office 365 DirSync Directory Synchronization "stopped-server-down"

Check that your *cloud* service account (the one you provided when running the wizard, to authenticate to the cloud) – check that it has not expired.  Can set-msoluser -passwordneverexpires to avoid this in the future. HTH!


Technical Project Management – Progress Reporting

In technical projects, PMs can easily get caught up in status reporting by percentage complete.  This was never discussed in any detail, in my graduate work on project management, nor in the materials from the Project Management Institute.  Admittedly, it may have been there, but I don’t recall seeing it.  I got an A in the…


New-MoveRequest. The call to net.tcp [server name] [server name] ([IP])’ failed. Error details: The socket connection was aborted.

Saw this at a customer.  They had something odd with an authenticating proxy in IE.  They changed to an anonymous proxy and that fixed it.  See also New-PSSessionOption, ProxyAccessType and ProxyAuthentication for potential workarounds.   Example error:   Summary: 1 item(s). 0 succeeded, 1 failed. Elapsed time: 00:21:53 First Name Last Name Failed Error: The…