Are you using the Microsoft JVM?

Are you using the Microsoft JVM? If you should know that (the quote below is from here)…… “In a settlement agreement reached in January 2001 to resolve a dispute over Microsoft’s distribution of its Java implementation, Sun and Microsoft agreed to limit the duration of Microsoft’s use of Sun’s source code and compatibility test suites…


To Webcast or to hold a local event?

I would like to know if developers are more likely to watch a webcast or attend a local event (assuming the topic is the same and it is of interest to them? Personally, I like the local events because there is more to be gained from the event than just technical information. The networking and other…


Do you subscribe to MSDN Flash?

Is MSDN Flash useful to you? Do you subscribe? If you do, what do you like/dislike about the newsletter?


James Avery on Sam Gentile on Distributed Computing

James Avery has written my thoughts on Sam’s post better than I could in this post. Enterprise Services and Remoting are things that every “Enterprise Developer” should be aware of and using in many of their applications. That said, not everyone is an “Enterprise Developer” working on large applications that need Enterprise Services and Remoting.  I would…


Different part of the world means a different DevDays…apparently……

I’ve seen a few posts in the blogosphere regarding the DevDays events that have occurred throughout the world. The one thing that is very apparent is that you are not guaranteed to see the same content or even get the same “goodie bag” from one DevDays to another. In fact, you are not even guaranteed to have paid the same…


Run NakedObjects on .NET……

I found this three part series: Part 1: The Case for Naked Objects: Getting Back to the Object-Oriented IdealPart 2: Challenging the Dominant Design of the 4-Layer ArchitecturePart 3: Write an application in Java and deploy it on .Net on to be very interesting. I think NakedObjects is a pretty neat architecture in and…


Always neat to see the public Internet sites using our technology….

I noticed today that the following sites were running ASP.NET: – I love soup in a bread bowl! – The Harvard Crimson (Harvard college newspaper) – Official site of the President of the United States  


Russ Fustino (of Russ’ Toolshed fame) is someone you want to see present….

Gavin wants everyone to know that Russ Fustino will be at the Tampa Bay .NET User Group meeting tonight (Feb. 11th, 2004) presenting on “Writing Secure Code – Threat Defense“. I had the pleasure of watching a Monday night football game, eating wings, and tossing back a few drinks with Russ last September. He is…


IPattern blog looks cool…..

Maxim Karpov has a neat blog started over here. He blogs about .NET Patterns and much more. Subscribed.


DevDays 2004…I’ll be there…..

I will be presenting at the DevDays event in Detroit, MI (March 3rd), Columbus, OH (March 17th), and Cleveland, OH (March 10th). Please track me down and say hi if you are at one of these events! The event will consist of two tracks: Web and Smart Client. The material is especially focused on building…