DevDays 2004…I’ll be there…..

I will be presenting at the DevDays event in Detroit, MI (March 3rd), Columbus, OH (March 17th), and Cleveland, OH (March 10th). Please track me down and say hi if you are at one of these events!

The event will consist of two tracks: Web and Smart Client. The material is especially focused on building secure data driven applications. If you are thinking about going to the event then I suggest you check out the agenda.

All attendees will leave with the following in their goodie bag:

  • OpenHack reference application Source Code
  • IssueVision Source Code
  • Microsoft SQL Server™ Enterprise Evaluation Edition
  • Microsoft Visual Basic® .NET Resource Kit CD
  • ASP.NET Resource Kit CD
  • Visual Studio .NET "Whidbey" Technology Preview
  • Microsoft® Office InfoPath™ 2003 Trial CD and Developer Resources DVD
  • Complimentary .NET Connected Logo Test ($400 Value)

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  • Comments (8)

    1. Jeffrey Reed says:

      Do you happen to know anymore about

      OpenHack reference application Source Code and

      IssueVision Source Code.

      Also, when I signed up they said we would get a smart client resource DVD. Do you know anything about that?


    2. Alex Lowe says:

      Everything I know about the OpenHack application can be found at

      I realize now that IssueVision should be TaskVision (I think that is a typo on the site). You can read more about TaskVision at

      I do not have any information regarding the smart client resource DVD at this time.

    3. Raoul Hewitt says:

      I think you’ve got your dates switched for Cleveland and Columbus — hope you end up at the right spot on the right day.

    4. Alex Lowe says:

      Thanks Raoul (I fixed the message). I keep doing that for some reason! It’s a good thing I’ve got them setup correctly in my calendar! =)

    5. Raja says:

      Is the "Whidbey Technology Preview" same as Beta s/w ? How long would this s/w be functional ? Any info on that ?

    6. Alex Lowe says:

      The "Whidbey Technology Preview" is more in the lines of an Alpha. If you remember the .NET v1.0 Betas then you remember how amazingly stable and feature complete it was. When we release the Whidbey Beta it will be feature complete and much more stable than the Technology Preview. As far as I know, there is no time bomb on the Technology Preview so it can be used as long as necessary.

    7. Jeffrey Reed says:

      With the rumors floating around as to exactly what IssueVision is, I couldn’t stand the uncertainty and I wrote Microsoft a letter requesting additional information. The MyDevDays Manager was nice enough to respond to inform me that IssueVision is a new application that was developed for DevDays that implements an issue tracking application for a helpdesk call center. While a few portions of the code were borrowed from TaskVision, most of the application is new and reflects Microsoft’s best practices.

      When the MyDevDays Manager said best practices, possibly she was referring to the Smart Client Offline Application Block:

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