Are you near South Bend, Indiana?

If you are nearby (I suppose you are invited even if you live a long ways away too) then I’m inviting you to the Michiana Area .NET User Group meeting tomorrow (18th) night at 5:30pm. The meeting is at the local Crowe Chizek office. The topic will be ASP.NET Caching: Today and Tomorrow.

Preview: “Windows XP Service Pack 2: A Developer’s View”

This article is a great read on the upcoming security changes in Windows XP Service Pack 2 and the implications of this service pack for the developer. Windows XP Service Pack 2 is not available today. I won’t speculate on the release date but I know Redmond is working very hard to make the SP…

Are you near Cleveland, Ohio?

If you are, you need to attend the Cleveland .NET SIG meeting tomorrow night! Dave White and I will be presenting “VS.NEXT – What to look for in Whidbey”. You can find out more information here.