A few interesting Windows vs Linux reads…..

Study: Windows cheaper than Linux
A Microsoft-commissioned study has found that companies could save up to 28 percent by developing certain programs with Windows instead of Linux, the software company plans to announce on Tuesday.

Study: Windows Cheaper Than Linux for App Development

Forrester: Linux development can be more costly than using Microsoft software

Forrester: Linux development can be more costly


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  1. Arcterex says:

    "A Microsoft-commissioned study"

    Gosh! I’m surprised they found this!

    Seriously though, if ford commissioned a study that found that fords were better than chevies would people be surprised? Microsoft has stated time and again that "linux is our main competitor" (or words to that effect), and a PR campaign that includes studies with results like these are to be expected. If linux had a company PR department (other than the thousands of geeks that run it day in and day out of course) I’m sure they’d be releasing studies showing that a Linux solution is cheaper than Microsoft one.

  2. Alex Lowe says:

    First, this is a common response to virtually all benchmarks, studies, etc. The reality is that these endeavors take time, money, people, etc. to do them right and there is no way around that – someone has to pay for it, period.

    Second, Linux does have a PR department. In fact, it has A BUNCH of PR departments – IBM and Sun to name just a couple. Both of these companies (Sun only recently) have invested billions of dollars in Linux and the PR to back the OS. I’d be interested to see who’s spent more – Microsoft or the Everybody But Microsoft collective in the last three years on PR. This no PR department argument is FUD from the Linux camp, IMHO.

    These are my opinions, not those of my employer.

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