NUnit alternatives…?

Someone on a list I'm a member of (at recently asked if there are NUnit alternatives out there. Are you unit testing your .NET applications? Are you using NUnit? Share your NUnit experiences in the comments and please share experiences with any other unit testing frameworks and/or products with us as well.

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  1. And! If you’re using NUnit, why not write up a review for me to add to 🙂

  2. Hi Alex,

    csUnit appears to be developing at quite a pace at the moment. You can find it here…

    You can run the csUnit GUI inside VS.NET using the Managed Add-Ins framework. If you do this you must exit csUnit before closing VS.NET. There’s a bug that causes it to stall that I’m working on a fix for at the moment.

    NUnit Add-In is long overdue for a name change. At the moment is supports NUnit, junit and AdHoc tests. It will hopefully soon support csUnit as well. You can download it from here…

    AdHoc testing lets you run pretty much any method as a unit test. The only restriction is that the method mustn’t take any parameters and there must be a parameterless constructor defines on its class (assuming it’s an instance method). Private and static methods are perfectly legal. Constructors and the Dispose method will be called if it’s an instance method and IDisposable is defined.

    Could you drop me a note if you come accross any other .NET unit testing frameworks. I think I’ve got them pretty much covered though. 😉

    Have fun, Jamie.

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