MSBlaster creator(s) a moron?

I find it kind of funny that the MSBlaster creator(s) were dumb enough to direct their DDOS attack at a site that is just a redirector. I mean, who would have thought that Microsoft would just turn off the redirection? That's funny stuff.

So, it would turn out that the Windows Update site will likely not be affected by this stupid worm as Windows actually takes you to instead of More info on eWeek.

Note: I'm not saying Microsoft is smart, I'm simply saying the MSBlaster creators are not smart. =)

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  1. Frans Bouma says:

    ALso, they started the DDOS on 12 PM local time (!), this means that the DDOS is not massive, but will have a certain spread. If they would’ve started all DDOS machines at once, it would have had a bigger impact.

  2. Ken Kiefer says:

    Maybe they are just doing us a favor.

  3. If someone "not smart" can do that much damage to Microsoft’s reputation then they must watch out for someone "really smart".

  4. Alex Lowe says:

    While agree that a much smarter virii writer could do a lot more damage, you have to realize of course that this one virus is not what has damaged Microsoft’s reputation. Microsoft’s reputation is bad because of a cumulative effect from the worms that have hit over the last 5-10 years (more so in the last 2-3).

    This one worm is not, on it’s own, enough to damage a company like Microsoft. This worm plus the many that have hit before it are enough to do damage to the reputation of Microsoft.

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