Do you read asp.netPRO magazine?

asp.netPRO magazine is the only ASP.NET magazine on the market (AFAIK). I wrote an article (and a handful of tips) for the magazine last year and have been reading the magazine since its first issue.

I'm trying to decide where I would like to focus my efforts from a writing standpoint and I'm also curious as to what the general consensus is regarding this magazine. So, I'm curious to hear your opinions on the magazine.

  • Do they publish they kinds of articles you are looking for in an ASP.NET only magazine?
  • Are the articles complex enough, too simple, or just right?
  • Is it worth the price?
  • What would you change about the magazine or its articles?

Looking forward to hearing your opinions.....=)

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  1. IMO, the content "level" has been pretty low recently. I would like to see a better mix of newbie to professinal articles.

    I understand everyone has to start somewhere…but if they want readers to renew subscriptions they will have to start publishing more advanced articles.


  2. Jeff Julian says:

    I agree with Scott. A magazine must have a "Black-belt" section to it. I do think the magazine does well with our audience though. Magazines like ".Net" and others are targeted for managers, where MSDN, VSMag, JavaPro, and ASP.NET are made for the people who actually use the technologies.

  3. Paschal says:

    Agree with Scott. The last edition I just finished to read spent too much time on listing third-parties solutions than real articles.

    A good magazine is Code, because it have a range between newbies and expert level articles.

  4. Ron Green says:

    Not to sound repetitive, but I alos agree with Scott. It seems like the last few issues have been pretty thin on content especially advanced content.

  5. Michael Dorfman says:

    Same here. I’ve been subscribing since the Premiere issue, but generally find the articles to be far too basic.

  6. Sam Gentile says:

    Agreed with Scott and everyone. I find the articles way too basic.

  7. Ditto to the low quality comments. I think there is too much excellent free content to justify paying for a magazine that provides sub-par articles.

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