Busy, busy, busy…..

Whew, things out here in Seattle are BUSY.

Yesterday, the MVP summit kicked off in grand fashion and then we (ASP.NET MVPs) spent the rest of the day with the ASP.NET (Scott Guthrie and Rob Howard in particular). They gave us an overview of features that will likely make it into Version 2 of ASP.NET! I can't tell you much about it because of my NDA but I can tell you that if you thought ASP.NET version 1 was great and/or a huge improvement over classic ASP then you are going to be absolutely amazed when you see Version 2. Also, there will be a public alpha/beta process similar to the version 1 process and the alpha build will likely be available later this year.

Today, Bill Gates is going to speak to us - ought to be interesting as I've never seen him speak in person.

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