What do you do in Seattle?

Alright, the plane made the jump from Grand Rapids to Minneapolis and from Minneapolis to Seattle without trouble. My wife and I are staying on Michigan time for a little while (+ 3 hours from Seattle time) so we are up at the crack of dawn here. Worked out on the treadmill and ready to play downtown. I've been here before but there is always something I have not done before in this town. Seattle veterans or residents want to share some super cool stuff I should while I'm here?

Update: Today's activities include:

Underground Tour
Monorail Ride
Pikes Market
Lots o good food!

Comments (2)

  1. welcome (back). Some good things to do:

    – Have lunch at "Matt’s in the Market" while you’re here, outstanding stuff, 3rd floor Sanitary Bldg in Pike Place Market

    – Have a beer at Pike Place Brewery and Pub, at the south end of the market, the IPA is hoppy and outstanding

    – Catch ‘LOTR: The Two Towers’ at Cinerama on 4th and Leanora – huge screen, balcony, great sound, wouldn’t see this anyplace else in town

    – Check out Eliot Bay books down in Pioneer Square, walk down 1st from Pike Place Market, one of the best bookstores in the country

    – While you’re down in Pioneer Square, walk a little bit south and east to Chinatown/International District. Check out "The Great Wall" for dinner (and Karaoke nearby), Uwajimaya Japanese grocery and Chinoise for outstanding sushi.

    – Ride the streetcar back up to market after you’ve had a few sakes :).

    – Capitol Hill/Broadway is a lot of fun, lots of resturants and some fun clubs and coffeehouses. From downtown you can walk up Pike or Pine to Broadway.

    – If it’s sunny out (gasp!) head over to West Seattle and talke a walk on Alki Beach for great views of downtown and the mountains when the skies are clear

    – The ferry ride to Bainbridge is always fun, and while you’re on the waterfront, the aquarium is worth a look too. There’s a Russian sub docked down there too if you’re interested in military history.

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