Are you near South Bend, Indiana?

If you are nearby (I suppose you are invited even if you live a long ways away too) then I’m inviting you to the Michiana Area .NET User Group meeting tomorrow (18th) night at 5:30pm. The meeting is at the local Crowe Chizek office. The topic will be ASP.NET Caching: Today and Tomorrow.


Preview: “Windows XP Service Pack 2: A Developer’s View”

This article is a great read on the upcoming security changes in Windows XP Service Pack 2 and the implications of this service pack for the developer. Windows XP Service Pack 2 is not available today. I won’t speculate on the release date but I know Redmond is working very hard to make the SP…


Are you near Cleveland, Ohio?

If you are, you need to attend the Cleveland .NET SIG meeting tomorrow night! Dave White and I will be presenting “VS.NEXT – What to look for in Whidbey”. You can find out more information here.


Great webcast on the Application Blocks is coming……

MSDN Webcast: Applying Microsoft Application Blocks to Increase Developer Productivity and Reduce Application Time-to-Market Live Event:October 29, 2003 – 11:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. Pacific Time / 2:00 P.M. Eastern Time Event Description:The Microsoft Platform Architecture Group (PAG) has produced reusable code components written around common technical challenges. These Application Blocks help reduce the cost…


A few interesting Windows vs Linux reads…..

Study: Windows cheaper than Linux A Microsoft-commissioned study has found that companies could save up to 28 percent by developing certain programs with Windows instead of Linux, the software company plans to announce on Tuesday. Study: Windows Cheaper Than Linux for App Development,4149,1258686,00.asp Forrester: Linux development can be more costly than using Microsoft software,10801,84728,00.html Forrester:…


Shipments of Windows servers rise, IDC says

“Shipments of servers loaded with the Windows operating system grew more than shipments of any other server-and-software combination last year, new research shows.“ Read the entired article here.   This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights.


Easily setting the culture on each ASP.NET request…..

Noticed something I thought was neat in the Time Tracker Starter Kit white paper – a little snippet of code that sets the culture based on the language setting of the user’s browser. Here is the snippet: // For each request initialize the culture values with// the user language as specified by the browser.protected void…


I only want certain validators to fire on my ASP.NET page….

If you only want certain validators to fire on a large ASP.NET page (for example) then you can set the EnableClientScript property to false and use server side validation only in that case. Generally you are doing different validation based on a different control causing the postback.  So, on the server side you can check only the…


Migrating from ASP to ASP.NET gotchas…..

A couple of the more general gotchas come to mind: ASP and ASP.NET cannot share session state which makes the partial migration of applications using that service very difficult (or requiring a kludge of some kind) No more render blocks – in classic ASP it was common to use render functions due to the top-down…