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Kick my butt on fantasy football…..

Tim created a fantasy football league for all of us .NETers. Anybody can join and it should be a good time!


What’s a local office to do…..

Roy brings up a great point that was raised in his comments – local Microsoft offices have a new challenge as the product groups become more transparent and involved in the online communities. As someone who works in a local Microsoft office in the United States, this is something that I think about frequently. I…


Visual Studio 2005 May CTP Class Designer Tricks/Tips…..

Here are a few things I’ve learned about the Class Designer and ASP.NET Projects: The Class Designer will *not* pick up classes defined inline in a .aspx page The Class Designer will pick up classes stored in the new /code directory (read more about /code) If no class files are present in your ASP.NET project…


High School kids build ASP.NET Websites using Linux and Microsoft WebMatrix…..

Ok, so the heading is a little misleading and I’ll explain in detail why later in the post. A few months ago (in March) I volunteered to work with a group of high school students at a local high school here in Detroit, MI. U of D High is a private all boys school and I…


New version of Microsoft Solutions Framework (with Agile twist)…..

Technically, there are now two models for MSF – formal and agile. Oh, and one cannot forget Visual Studio Team System (something I’ve been drooling over for months now). All I can say is, software development life cycle tools for .NET development have fully arrived. Anyway, exciting stuff coming out that I think will have…


If you could make Microsoft do five things for developers…..

Robert Scoble believes that MSDN Magazine is like the PDC  (in terms of content) but a cursory glance at the articles over the last 17 months doesn’t support that claim. There wasn’t a single issue in 2003 with content (that made the cover – most articles are referenced on the cover) focused on future technology. Three of five…


Crystal Reports blog by the Crystal Reports developers……

It looks like the Business Objects folks want in on the blog action and they’ve setup a blog and a special section for articles over at I think it would be a very cool blog entry (or perhaps an article) if they’d do a comparison of Crystal Reports and Microsoft’s SQL 2000 Reporting Services……..


.NET Application Foundation?…….

Stefan Demetz wants Microsoft to create an Apache Foundation like organization for .NET developers. Here are a few observations (and my personal opinion) regarding the .NET community: Personal opinion: Microsoft should be a supporter and active participant in the .NET community. Microsoft should NOT be the community. That said, you obvioiusly can’t please everyone – people…


Developers are not clueless…….

Ok, so I’ve now seen a bunch of posts on the subject of “why developers don’t build scalable systems”. Sure, it’s been phrased different ways: “Why don’t .NET developers grok scalable distributed computing? “”Disinterested Programmers “”The Middle 70%” Ok, enough links and enough beating on this poor dead horse. I’d like to point out that…