Virtual Machine Scale Sets – It is really about protecting your application’s performance

Azure Virtual Machines Scale Sets serve as the foundation for your auto scaling capabilities. The architecture of virtual machine scale sets greatly simplifies the ability to run a cluster that can adjust either by scaling out or by scaling up. With all VMs configured the same, VM scale sets are designed to support true autoscale…

Containerizing Java Applications in Azure using DC/OS and the Azure Container Service

Containerizing Applications in Azure using DC/OS Running a Java Based Web Application and a RESTful Service using Jersey What is amazing about the technologies that we will be talking about is that we can create a Web oriented application, and in a matter of minutes, have that web service running at scale across the cluster….


Building a Java-based Restful Service to run in DC/OS

Building a Restful Service using Jersey in Eclipse (Mars 4.2) This is a kickoff blog post for AllThingsContainer. This blog post is all about container-based workloads in the cloud. We will explore many different components that make up the world of containerization. So let’s get started. This is a first step in a journey that…