Tiny Tower: Why bother with cheat, guide line, strategy when you own a time machine?

This post doesn't really have anything to do with SharePoint, but a little game on my iPhone.

Tiny Tower Official Site:


The game is called "Tiny Tower" where you try to build a tower by making money and adding floors which inhabitates those tiny little people called "Bitizens". At the same time, you are also contributing a large amount of time (at office, on train, bus and in the toilet...) in your real life doing stocking, restocking the shops, moving bitizens to different floors and whichsing to get tipped.
You may have searched on the Internet and went through web sites on how to build your skyscraper in the fastest and most efficient way..

For example:
- When you just started, save up your BUX to get $100,000
- Always load your shop with 3 bitizens before moving to the next one
- Match up your bitizen's dream jobs to increase stock capacity and reduce restocking time
- Yellow Hat/Shirt VIP reduces 3 hours off new follor building time
- Pink Shirt/Sun Glass VIP randomly buys off 1 product on the floor
- Purple shirt VIP reduces 3 hours off 3 hours restocking time
- Celebrity VIP (can't remember what s/he looks like now), temporarily increase the customers on the floor

All that was quite fun before you reached 30th floor.....then things start to get annoying....(repetitive). You start to think if there is anyway to fastforward all the processes and shorten the build time. It used to take 1 hour to build a new floor, and now it takes 18 hours after 30th floor...

Well....what do you think the time the game uses is based on?

Yes, now you get it, it's not the time on your watch or the time from the time servers on the Internet, but the time you set on your iPhone!
You own it and it's your little time machine to take those tiny little bitizens travel through time and build a floor under 30 seconds.

This is an old school trick we used to get around those trial version software with fixed time frame or expiry date.

Here We Go:

If you just started building a floor which requires 8 hours to complete;

1. Change your iPhone's time to 9 hours later
2. Go back to the game
3. Bam! Your new floor is now completed and you also get all the money you were supposed to earn during that 9 hours.
4. Restock the floor
5. Change your iPhone's time back
6. Repeat the above steps 1 to 5, if you want to ruin this game in the shortest time possible.

Comments (11)

  1. Locker says:

    Do you have any details??

  2. AllenWang says:

    What kind of details after you after??

  3. Elliot says:

    I tried this by skipping ahead a month, to september, but when I set it back to august everything in the process of being restocked is now going to take a full month to do so. Any ideas on how to get around this?

  4. AllenWang says:

    Hi Elliot,

    Once you have skipping ahead of time, you need to make sure you complete all the restocking, making sure no stocking is in progress, and DO NOT START anymore stocking before you switch back to normal time. ( which means all the bitizens are idle and doing nothing )

  5. Lol says:

    This cheat worked for me! However i must admit i went a bit iverboard and fast fowarded it to november and it gave me heaos of cash. However, when i put it back to real time tiny tower says each shop takes atleast 300 and something days 😮 any ideas? Anyone

  6. To Lol says:

    Did you restock right after fast forwarding? If so, just fast forward the same time, and then stock everything you clicked. Then, go back to the original time and then stock.

    The thing is, every time you restock you have to do so at the regular time. If you try restocking and them go bak to your original time, everything will be whacked.

  7. Meryl says:

    I'd did this but now I don't earn any coins and the VIPs don't work 🙁

  8. Kat says:

    SO U HAD 2PUT AS THROUGH DAT OTHA CRAP!!! P.s thang 4 the tip!!!

  9. Tarntp says:

    i did what you said but on the newer version when i do that each time i lost a bitizen

    it says that the bitizen got lost in the time travelling. duh guess they musta figure it out that people cheat. now it takes forever and im only at 34th

  10. Boop says:

    I've never tried this specifically with tiny tower, but it's worked for me on other games. I set the game time forward one month (okay, so it's September, so let's say I set it to October) and get the change and stuff. Then I set it back two months (back to July) and check. One of two things can happen now. Either the times have gone back two months and I'd have to change the time back to September, or I can simply move forward one month to the actual date (August) and it will be fine again.

    Again, I haven't tried this because I don't want to screw up my game and I don't know if I can fix it. To those of you who have screwed up their games, try this an tell me the results. My guess is it won't work very well, by logic, but it has worker for me in other games so its worth a try.

    Good luck!

  11. Taylor says:

    Elliot, once you start to tea stock again, go ahead  a second extra day to that they are done restocking. Then go back to the actual time while nothing restocking. It said so much extra time because it was still asigned to about a few hours in your fast forward time. There for the time increases if you make that mistake. Hoped that helped! 🙂

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