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  1. Rogier Duurkoop says:

    Thank you, I was looking for this solution !

  2. Mike says:

    For me, I got this error when I ran out of disk space on my DB server.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Yep this saved my day!

  4. dds says:

    good one

  5. Asaf says:

    I tried the above solution but still had error reported. My problem turned out to be related to SQL Server database permission.

    I used dedicated application pool with user SVC-SPWebSvcAppPool and when I checked ULS I found out error reported was related to this user not being able to access managed metadata service database as well as the site collection database I setup for Content hub URL.

    I gave above user SQL Server database permission and all worked fine.

    The following one guided me in the right direction;…/the-managed-metadata-or-connection-is-currently-not-available.aspx

    Even though solution suggested didn’t solve my problem but it made me think problem could be permission-related.



  6. Jaymeson Beck says:

    I restarted the web services website in iismanager on both servers and it's working on both servers now.  Not sure why these got messed up.

  7. Suresh Pydi says:

    Nice post. Here is one more post to configure managed meta data in share point 2013…/sharepoint-2013-configure-managed.html

  8. Awesome says:

    Thanks for this helpful post!

  9. Tulasi says:

    Thanks and Nice Post. Here one more Post for solve this issue.…/the-application-pool-or-managed.html

  10. Tulasi says:

    Thanks and Nice Post. Here one more Post for solve this issue.…/the-application-pool-or-managed.html

  11. shaun enright says:

    I have this problem on one of my QA servers.

    I cannot get the services to re-initialize.

    iisreset 50+ times, rebooted server 100 times …

    disabled service

    re-enabled service

    checked permissions

    edited permissions and added more group accounts to test

    still did not fix the issue.

  12. Shaun Enright says:

    forgot to mention it's SharePoint 2013

  13. Imsunny says:

    I am facing same issue but in my case I get same error in CA as well as on sites.

  14. Before you grant or change any permissions, you could try and run "psconfig -cmd secureresouces" on each of the SharePoint servers. This is due to a bug in one cumulative update that does not perform this step properly.

    NOTE: During this process some services might be unavailable on the server.

  15. Chuck says:

    "psconfig.exe -cmd secureresources" worked for me in 2013 when I had this same issue. 11 minutes of nail-biting .

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