SharePoint 2010: Missing Server Side Dependencies

— SUMMARY —SharePoint 2010 SP1 + 2011 August CU multi-server farm’s Central Admin site’s Health Analyzer shows “Mising Server Side Dependencies” on Web Part ID [baf5274e-a800-8dc3-96d0-0003d9405663]. Solution is to replicate Central Admin site’s virtual directory folder and the web.config file from the server hosting Central Admin site to all other WFE servers, like if the…


Tech-Ed 2011 Session Videos Available Online

Tech-Ed 2011 sessions available for viewing online … For those who are too poor, too cheap, too busy, too scared to attend 🙂   Tech-Ed Australia 2011 is currently going on right now, session videos shall be available after the event.   Or you can enjoy the Kiwi version first. Tech-Ed New Zealand 2011…


Microsoft Windows 8 Preview

Windows 8 press conference | Showcase in Taiwan   or donwload the video directly from:


Tiny Tower: Why bother with cheat, guide line, strategy when you own a time machine?

This post doesn’t really have anything to do with SharePoint, but a little game on my iPhone. Tiny Tower Official Site: The game is called “Tiny Tower” where you try to build a tower by making money and adding floors which inhabitates those tiny little people called “Bitizens”. At the same time, you are…


SharePoint 2010 People Search Error: DataFormWebPart.PrepareAndPerformTransform

Here are the error messages I had with this particular problem. 1. People search (a search page with People Search Box web part and People Search Core Result web part) returns the following error: Internal server error exception: System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted.    at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.DataFormWebPart.PrepareAndPerformTransform(Boolean bDeferExecuteTransform)    at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.DataFormWebPart.PerformSelect()    at Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.DataFormWebPart.DataBind()    at…